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The Quickest Way to Improve Your Golf Swing

The Quickest Way to Improve Your Golf Swing

Filming your golf swing is the quickest path to improvement. Without filming your swing you are just guessing at what your body looks like in the swing and how the ball is coming off the clubface. Fortunately there is a fantastic free program that allows you to film your swing at 240 frames per second so you can advance the footage frame by frame and see exactly what is happening at each moment in your golf swing.

That program is called Hudl Technique and it allows you to draw on the screen to analyze your swing in depth and you can save the video, send the video via email, post on social media and share to the Hudl community to get feedback there as wel.

This is my swing using the face on view and it was a real eye-opener for me because I hit this shot rather well but Hudl shows that I have a lot of issues preventing me from gaining more distance.

I will be posting more videos to show the great features of this program and how to use the tools within to improve your swing. Stay tuned :)

Hudl for Android:

Hudl for IOS:

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